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If you would like to ask me a question that doesn’t work as a comment, or you are wondering if I could help by coming and meeting you and your horse in person, you can use this form to contact me directly. I’m always happy to talk about horses although unless you specify otherwise I may choose to use questions as a starting point for future posts. I am very happy to visit – especially if you are not too far from the Llanelli peninsual in Carmarthenshire or anywhere else in South Wales – either to work with a horse, to teach, or ( what I normally do ) a combination of both. If you are in this part of the world and interested in the idea of natural horsemanship but don’t know whether or not this approach would benefit you and your horse, why not get in touch . I don’t train horses full-time yet, but as I have not been able to find anyone in this part of the world who I would want to work with my horses I feel it’s worth making my skills available for other people here in South Wales who are interested in training their horses using timing, feel and -above all- empathy and understanding of the horse’s point of view.

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